Hyperion DS20-FMD - Atlas Programmable Digital Servo


Modulation: Digital
Torque: 4.8V: 194.40 oz-in (14.00 kg-cm)
6.0V: 227.80 oz-in (16.40 kg-cm)
Speed: 4.8V: 0.17 sec/60°
6.0V: 0.13 sec/60°
Weight: 1.87 oz (53.0 g)
Dimensions: Length:1.57 in (39.9 mm)
Width:0.77 in (19.6 mm)
Height:1.49 in (37.8 mm)
Motor Type: (add)
Gear Type: Metal
Rotation/Support: Dual Bearings
Rotational Range: 140°
Pulse Cycle: (add)
Pulse Width: (add)
Connector Type: (add)
Hyperion DS20-FMD
Brand: Hyperion
Product Number: (add)
Typical Price: 35.95 USD
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Reviews of Hyperion DS20-FMD (2)

  • Rating:

    Application(s): 5 Lbs flying wing

    Comments: Have not failed me yet with over 30 hours of flying but have started developing a serious backlash. Another good thing is these servos are programmable

  • Rating:

    Application(s): Ailerons and Elevators for 90" scale. 65" 3D aileron and Elevator

    Comments: For the price you absolutely can't beat these Hyperion servos IMHO. They have performed flawlessly for me even in high demand applications such as cyclic on a 50 size nitro heli.

    It is interesting that not many people use these servos. Seems like they are a "sleeper" brand but I sure love them. Hitec is good (love their A9) but their servos are blown away by these Hyperions. Rc Dude is where I get mine.

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