Hitec HS-5985MG - Digital Ultra Torque Servo


Modulation: Digital
Torque: 4.8V: 144.40 oz-in (10.40 kg-cm)
6.0V: 172.00 oz-in (12.39 kg-cm)
Speed: 4.8V: 0.16 sec/60°
6.0V: 0.13 sec/60°
Weight: 2.19 oz (62.0 g)
Dimensions: Length:1.58 in (40.0 mm)
Width:0.79 in (20.0 mm)
Height:1.46 in (37.0 mm)
Motor Type: Coreless
Gear Type: Metal
Rotation/Support: Dual Bearings
Rotational Range: (add)
Pulse Cycle: 20 ms
Pulse Width: 900-2100 µs
Connector Type: (add)
Hitec HS-5985MG
Brand: Hitec
Product Number: (add)
Typical Price: 89.99 USD
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Reviews of Hitec HS-5985MG (3)

  • Rating:

    Application(s): 1/8 scale buggy

    Comments: I've had this hs-5985mg servo for 8 years now. It's served as a 1/8 buggy steering servo as well 1/8 buggy disc brakes. I also have been unable to break it, nor has it ever had a failed bearing or stripped gears... Centers perfect just like the day I bought it with zero slop! I race, so I'm very picky about servos...Best servo I've ever owned period! Seriously

  • Rating:

    Application(s): cycling 50-90 size nitro heli

    Comments: I can`t break them :-))

  • Rating:

    Application(s): Revo 3.3 steering servo

    Comments: Servo does a great job. Good torque, good speed and not too tough on batteries.

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