Futaba S9353HV - High Voltage HT/HS Metal Top Case Servo


Modulation: Digital
Torque: 6.0V: 272.20 oz-in (19.60 kg-cm)
7.4V: 305.60 oz-in (22.01 kg-cm)
Speed: 6.0V: 0.07 sec/60°
7.4V: 0.06 sec/60°
Weight: 2.72 oz (77.0 g)
Dimensions: Length:1.59 in (40.5 mm)
Width:0.83 in (21.0 mm)
Height:1.47 in (37.4 mm)
Motor Type: Coreless
Gear Type: Titanium
Rotation/Support: Dual Bearings
Rotational Range: (add)
Pulse Cycle: (add)
Pulse Width: (add)
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Futaba S9353HV
Brand: Futaba
Product Number: FUTM0721
Typical Price: 229.99 USD
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    Application(s): 1/8 EP Offroad Buggy HB Racing E817 E-Buggy Team Orion Vortex R8.1Pro 180A E.S.C Team Orion VST2 Pro 690 size 2100kV Sanwa RX-472 receiver 2x Team Orion Carbon Pro Ultra 4500maH 7.4V Shorty LiPo hardcase batteries Futaba S9353HV steering servo with Full Metal Case from the special edition O.S Speed Tuned B1

    Comments: The S9353HV from Futaba is by far the best servo I have ever tried, and in my honest opinion, this top tier servo even outmaneuvers the all new and more expensive S9373SV in many areas, first and most important is perhaps its very nicely balance between torque and speed, I have always been quite impressed by the massive amounts of torque that some of these last gen servos are capable of delivering, at least on paper. But a major question is if there is ever a time when you really need 40kg of Torque,or more for that matter, in a 1/8 Offroad buggy, nitro or not. I have never Experienced problems that could be traced to having too little torque available in my steering servos, except for the first and last time I purchased a RTR Kyosho Inferno MP9 tki3, which was fitted with a pair of Syncro Ks-401's, which cant really be considered as more than junk with the sole job of filling a vacant slot really, and on this "rookie racer" I replaced every nut and bolt, and about everything in between before the first season was over.Just to clarify, the ks-401 has something like 9kg i believe, but im not sure about that. I have always believed that a steering servo for 1/8 buggy should atleast have 13kg's of torque and should not be slower than 0.15s/60' ,but any servo that is precise, jitter-free, low noise levels, with torquelevels beyond 20kg , that also is capable of extreme lightning speeds of less than .10s/60' is a white elephant in my book. The s9353HV also comes with a exclusive full metal case,it is 100% waterproof and every part is made with the highest attention to detail,quality is second to none, and even compared to the newer BLS177sv, BLS275sv or the s9373sv that replaced it,this is a servo with very few counterparts and is still today seen as a integral part of winning car setups in the highest levels of RC.

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