Turnigy TGY-930 Servo


Modulation: Digital
Torque: 4.8V: 50.00 oz-in (3.60 kg-cm)
Speed: 6.0V: 0.14 sec/60°
Weight: 0.92 oz (26.0 g)
Dimensions: Length:1.42 in (36.0 mm)
Width:0.59 in (15.0 mm)
Height:1.30 in (33.0 mm)
Motor Type: (add)
Gear Type: Metal
Rotation/Support: Dual Bearings
Rotational Range: (add)
Pulse Cycle: (add)
Pulse Width: (add)
Connector Type: Universal
Turnigy TGY-930
Brand: Turnigy
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Typical Price: 13.99 USD
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Reviews of Turnigy TGY-930 (5)

  • Rating:

    Application(s): cyclic servo for 500 heli

    Comments: i have had two of these servo's that have failed, the problem caused by motor which works as long as it is rotating, but when stopped will not start again unless drive gear is touched. This test was carried out with gears removed and pot set to centre position to stop and then moved to different position to rotate. No movement, unless motor gear is touched. Quality control on motors needs improvement. 4 stars only for reliability.

  • Rating:

    Application(s): Align T-rex 500 cyclic

    Comments: I am currently using these servos on my Align T-rex 500 for the cyclic. I get just as much out of them as I do JR, Futaba, and Align servos. Had a massive crash last week that broke the horn off the aileron servo. No comments hiccups in the performance of the TGY-930 after that. 6 months with them and still flying. I would recommend these to anyone who does not have the desire to watch their $150 servos fall from the sky at 60mph.In my opinion, they are a good servo.

  • Rating:

    Application(s): Ok got these when I was building my Hk-500 used them on the head the only bad thang about them is that the servo horns are not long enough so I had to use ds-510 servo horns but besides that I have not had any problems wit them I have been flying on them for 1 yr no stripped gears I just had to buy another one cause I broke the mounts. An I got about 2000 flights on them

    Comments: I give it a 5 cause u can't beat the price

  • Rating:

    Application(s): hk500cmt swash

    Comments: For $15 us i am very happy with these,strong digital servos are a good economical alternitive to big name brands for NON DEMANDING flyiers(hardcore 3d kings go elseware).My own have worked great, for $15 each I am happy, if they work for 6 months it lets me get experience without the stress of crashing $300 of name brand servos(granted name brand in this price ARE hard to break But not very easy for a BEGINER to attain)Just dont bind them at endpoints.

  • Rating:

    Application(s): Tail rotor, elevator, ali and pitch

    Comments: Be very careful I have 2 servos not working and only had them for 2 weeks. I have been hovering as I am new to the hobby. HK500CMT is heli. Love it

    I would not recommend this junk to anyone. Servos were getting very easy workout and failed. Tail and elevator servos failed. Motor gone

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