Modulation: Digital
Torque: 4.8V: 27.77 oz-in (2.00 kg-cm)
6.0V: 33.33 oz-in (2.40 kg-cm)
Speed: 4.8V: 0.10 sec/60°
6.0V: 0.08 sec/60°
Weight: 0.42 oz (12.0 g)
Dimensions: Length:1.26 in (32.0 mm)
Width:0.45 in (11.5 mm)
Height:0.95 in (24.0 mm)
Motor Type: Brushed
Gear Type: Metal
Rotation/Support: Single Bearing
Rotational Range: 60°
Pulse Cycle: 3 ms
Pulse Width: (add)
Connector Type: JR
Brand: EMAX
Product Number: (add)
Typical Price: 9.51 USD
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Reviews of EMAX ES08MD (5)

  • Rating:

    Application(s): 450 Helicopter

    Comments: it's not bad this servo. I speed tested it, and it meets it's required specs. It's all metal geared. It would of been nice if it had 2 Ball bearings like the Emax es09md. But for the cheap price, it's good and it's nice and light. As for slop, I've seen worste, it's very minimal slop.

  • Rating:

    Application(s): Tricopter tail motor

    Comments: so far bought 2 and 2 have died, the first burnt out before I even got it in the air, and may have been a defect as it got exceptionally hot very quickly. The other worked for 3 days, but then began to no longer center and work in one direction or the other, seemingly at random.

  • Rating:

    Application(s): 70 + 90mm EDF jets on ailerons and elevators

    Comments: Very happy with performance and accuracy. Lots of value for the money!
    Have 20+ units in operation and had only one fail me.

  • Rating:

    Application(s): Parkfliers as VA-Models Katana and Hyperion Extra 10e

    Comments: Good servo for the price. Smooth operation, good resolution.

    But not so fast as declared.
    Real speed varies from 0.12 sec / 60 grad / 4.8V for good item to 0.17 sec for bad.
    Typical speed is about 0.137 sec / 60 grad / 4.8V.

  • Rating:

    Application(s): cyclic servo on 450 class helicopter

    Comments: I never got to see if these work or not because the casings practically crumbled to powder upon installation.

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