EMAX ES08A Servo


Modulation: Analog
Torque: 4.8V: 20.83 oz-in (1.50 kg-cm)
6.0V: 25.00 oz-in (1.80 kg-cm)
Speed: 4.8V: 0.12 sec/60°
6.0V: 0.10 sec/60°
Weight: 0.30 oz (8.5 g)
Dimensions: Length:1.26 in (32.0 mm)
Width:0.45 in (11.5 mm)
Height:0.95 in (24.0 mm)
Motor Type: (add)
Gear Type: Plastic
Rotation/Support: (add)
Rotational Range: (add)
Pulse Cycle: (add)
Pulse Width: (add)
Connector Type: JR
Brand: EMAX
Product Number: (add)
Typical Price: 4.49 USD
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Reviews of EMAX ES08A (2)

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    Application(s): Arduino servo to sweep a Ping device.

    Comments: With no load, I found that these servos (I have two) seem to respond best to the extact degrees of 45, 90, and 135. They will go to 0 and 180 degrees, but act like they are grinding and the servo gets hot. Forget trying a sweep of degree by degree, they will not respond correctly and will overheat. To further verify, I performed a servo.read() after the servo.write(degree) and found that only certain degrees are verified, meaning read value equals value written to the servo. Only degrees to verify are 0, 45, 90, 135, and 180. Going to look for better servos...

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    Application(s): Hobbiest learning Arduino.

    Comments: I've not actually completed a task. with EmaxES08A.. The servos came with an evaluation package with the arduino.
    I tried to make a small pinch off valve with soft rubber tubing thinking that the motor would stall before damage occurred. I was wrong. Tear down shows damage to the teeth of gears..
    Was able to get them operational again but they're not smooth. Oh-well. I've not analyzed the material but they feel like polystyrene rather than nylon or delrin.
    Plastic 'bad' but not all plastics are equal. (Lower force application they should be fine.

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